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Mobile Water Slide Hire aka Slip n Slide hire in Ammanford, Burry Port, Llanelli, Swansea & South Wales

Here at Mushroom Entertainments, we have 2 very large and fun-looking water slides, also known as slip-slide hire. Both you and your guests will have so much fun sliding down both the 2 lane runways and ending up in the water at the end of the run. Just remember when booking either of our water slides that you will require a steep hill or sloping ground for the best results when you use it. Fantastic fun all year round, these slip-n-slides offer a thrilling ride for both children and adults in Wales.

Both inflatable water slides are really popular and we recommend earlier booking to ensure you get the one that you want for that special party or event.

Why book this Inflatable Water Slide

Our inflatable water slides are one of the favorite summer inflatables that we hire, they are really popular with young and older kids. Both Water Slides has require a flow of water which is piped to the top of the inflatable slide and continues to flow as the kids slip and slide down the slide and onto the attached pool area at the bottom. This water pool catches any excess water and also adds fun to the adventure of the water slide, each and every child will have a truly awesome time and will provide hours of entertainment at your party or special event.

How to use our Mobile Water Slide Hire

Our Mobile Water Slides offer some of the best activities in Wales. With 2 sliders, 2 Players climb to the top, choose the left or right lane then lay back and away you both go. This Great new attraction will be a great addition to any fair, school, wedding, cubs, Scouts group, or any party or event you wish.

Our best inflatable water slides and bouncy castle water slides for kids promise unparalleled fun. We either have a wave theme or a palm tree themed slip and slide inflatable water slide for your hires

Water slide Hire Safety & Quality

We ensure that the equipment is set up and, where required, supervised and operated by our own staff. Whether you need the equipment at the park, at home in the garden or anywhere else outdoors, and as long as the weather permits, we can deliver and set-up leaving you to enjoy a happy day's entertainment. Our inflatable waterslide hire ensures that equipment must be effectively secured to the ground and positioned away from obstacles such as overhead power or fences.

In bouncy big inflatable water slides, we ensure that the number of children must be limited to avoid overcrowding. This will allow children to have their own safe space to play so they don’t bump into one another unnecessarily. This will also reduce jamming and congestion. Little distractions ensure more safety.

Around the water slides to rent, we recommend a safety distance of 1 m to 2 m, and the entrance and exit points should be left free at all times.

This attraction is fun-packed all the way and never disappoints.

  • Fantastic fun for all year round,
  • A thrilling ride for both Children and Adults.
  • This activity is suitable for Children and Adults.
  • Space required is 120ft x 50ft Please remember that due to the size of this attraction we will need to drive to where it's to be set-up.
  • Takes 2 hours to install and 2 hours to de-rig
  • Comes complete with Fully experienced staff and Full £10 million public liability insurance
  • 2 lanes for people to slide down at the same time, ideal for racing.

If you want to speak with us directly, then just call us on 01267 875 775 or email.