BBQ Catering Across South Wales

At Mushroom Entertainment we take great pride in corporate, event, wedding, and party BBQ catering. Over the years, our chef has gained experience, and perfected the ingredients and seasoning, enhancing the flavour of the BBQs we offer across Wales. Be it for your friends and family or for a corporate event, our BBQ catering service is cooked on our professional catering equipment combined with our buffets, fantastic locally sourced meat, and bbq menus ready to wow and amaze. With over 20 years in the catering industry you can rest assure we know what to do.

Let us create your tantalising BBQ menu.

Our delicious BBQs range from locally produced sausages to beautiful meats marinated in mouth-watering homemade marinades, sauces & rubs and cooked slowly for the perfect taste and textures that make our food so special. Teaming up our beautiful fresh salads & an amazing array of side dishes to accompany them, our BBQ will most certainly be an occasion to remember whatever the weather.

We can produce a tantalising BBQ menu to meet your exact requirements depending on the style & theme of your event. Each event will be quoted on a one-off basis and take into account our client's individual requirements. Steak, ribs, pork, grilled or rotisserie chicken, and beef leg joints combined with potatoes, salad, bread, peppers, onions, and garlic..... There is nothing quite like BBQ food. We even have a vegetarian option if required. We are Wales's number 1 bbq caterers and can hand cater for groups of 20 for families to a larger size, 1000 plus guests for event catering.

Speak to us about our BBQ catering service…

Whether you are looking for a small intimate occasion or planning a lavish event, Mushroom Entertainments are here to help! For more information about our catering services across Wales and surrounding areas, please contact us. We will listen to your budget needs and advise you on a suggested meal plan and stick to our quote. We can provide a gazebo too if required.